Makan in Bangsar! Devi Restaurant

Devi's is located in Bangsar, Telawi area, a very convenient place to makan makan before hitting the bars and pubs, or a place to chill anytime. I go there either in the morning or nights. Food is always fresh, affordable, polite and fast service- everything you look for in a makan place.

In the mornings, I normally order their paper thosai with dhaal. Paper thosai is of course made fresh and it is very crispy. The chaadni is amazing, including the dhaal. I dunno about you guys, but I prefer a thicker dhaal then the runny ones. More to grab when eating with fingers. Plus I don't like my thosai to turn up all soggy. Refills for chaadni and dhaal is free. My friends also love the kuey tiow goreng ayam here. They are generous with the chiclen, unlike the mamak stall chains.The teh tarik isn't the best in KL but definitely good enuff to come order it again. They also have nasi lemak banana leaf here placed on the tables. So it you can't wait for your order, just have a nasi lemak or two!

For dinner, I either go for naan or the nasi goreng. The cheese naan with tandoori chicken is a must try also. Couldn't taste much of the cheese in the naan. Sometimes I thought I was eating plain naan. But their tandoori is far better than any mamak or simple Indian restaurants that I've been too.

As for the crowd, this restaurant serves a wide variety of people- local, expatriates, old and young, and is a suitable place for a family gathering.

Price wise, it's just nice. Nothing that breaks the bank

1 Nasi goreng kampung ayam
1 Cheese naan
1 Tandoori chicken
1 Milo ais
1 Teh ais
1 Mineral water
Total: RM 28

The only problem is
1. Parking- It is Telawi after all
2. Seating- Choose a place under the fan, and stay far away from the stove. Very warm! And away from the drains- stinks

Price: ****
Service: ****
Ambience: **

Will go again and again and again!


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