Makan Review- Naili's , Sentul

How everyone. Today, I am going to review another makan place that I have been to. 
Found the place while reading other people's review of their experience there. Since it was quite pleasant and everybody was talking about their 'garden' / 'forest' concept, I simply had to go!

How to get there?

This are the directions for those who are not very familiar with Sentul area.
Basically get onto Jalan Sentul Pasar. Go straight down until you see a Petronas station on your right. At that traffic light, make a right turn, then at that junction make another right. Naili's isjust around the corner. Enough parking spaces for about 5 cars just outside the place. 

Anyway if instructions are difficult to follow, just key in Jalan Dato Senu, Sentul on the GPS- but it will be a bit tricky.


It is a tempat makan dalam taman. There are so many different sections to choose from, you have a formal, semi formal and also an informal setting. My cousins loved the concept where they can sit on a tree. Another family was so happy to be able to sit on the floor and eat, probably reminds them of their old kampung house. It is a very relaxed, laid back setting; very appropriate for families, and gatherings. 


Spoilt for choices, they have Malay, Western and Chinese food, both ala carte and dishes. Fruit juices are also not very expensive compared to Secret Recipe. Food is quite alright. Don't mind going there again.
Service was also good. We didn't have to wait too long.

All in all:

Ambience: ***
Price: ***
Service: ***
Parking spaces: ** You would have to park across the road where it is darker if there was a full house that evening

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