Singapore Trip- (2) Halal Makan Places

About 10- 20 years ago, it was very difficult to find Halal eating places in Singapore in commercial areas unless you go to a Muslim populated community- i.e. Geylang, Arab Street, Seranggoon Road.
I remember going to Singapore as a kid, where we were eating in Burger Kings and Mc Donald's only along Orchard Road and Sentosa Island. We didn't want to go out of the way and waste money on unnecessary cab fare then head back to Orchard.

So over the past 5 years, going up and down in Singapore  has become easier for us. Simply because they've realized that despite all the attractions they have, the average muslim tourist would rather go to Indonesia or Singapore to holiday as food was never gonna be a problem. Bloggers have also emerged recommending places and giving reviews of the places they have been to.

A variety Halal makan places can be seen on this website. The blogger has even categorized the food outlets according to districts. In fact, they even have recommendations for vegetarian food. Now eating in Singapore isn't so much a of hassle!

I normally go to the Banquet, in Vivo City. Vivo City is this huge shopping complex, near Kepple Road and the shopping centre where most tourists head to after leaving Sentosa Island. From Sentosa, Vivo City is accessible by cable car. This shoping centre has got 3 food courts, of which 2 are halal. I personally have only tried the one on the lower ground. There are two entrances, Kopitiam and Banquet. Enter Banquet. a They have got branches in Sengkang Mall and Parkway Parade. It is a food court, where non halal food bought from the other half of the food court is not halal. it has got North Indian food, Malay, Western, Japanese and Chinese to choose from. 

I have tried their Yong Tau Foo, Curry Mee, Cockles Fried Kuey Tiow and their cold desserts. It is not the best food you can find, but it is affordable and a good place if you want to taste a variety food for less in a relaxed environment. Moreover, you get to indulge in shopping afterwards.

(Courtesy of                                                               (next to Kopitiam is the Banquet)

Coming up-- Halal Makan Places in Universal Studio Singapore and Halal Food in Singaporean Hotels

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