I had to try this newly opened restaurant in Telawi area. This would be an addition to the existing banana leaf restauran ie Devi's and Nirwana.  Since it opened, the place has been crowded with people. Decided to eat there 2 week ago and a week later.

1st visit: 

Banana leaf. 
Vegetarian dishes: If I'm not mistaken, there were only 5.
Meat : Chicken , mutton. Looked alright. But I have tasted better.
Fried Fish: Fishy. Not very fresh

Drink: Nescafe Ais

2nd Visit:

Nasi Goreng Ayam: Abundance of rice. Chicken were meaty (You know how some will serve bones and chicken skin). But there was lack in taste.

Drink: Teh Ais. To those with a sweeth tooth, this is the teh ais you  would want to come to.

By the road side very strategic place, you will never miss it. It is on the same row as  Imperial Dentist and Domino's. Next to Tous le Jour.
There is a lot of light coming in and the place has good ventilation, unlike Devi's
There is ample moving around space.
Menu is in English. Expats will love this.
There is dessert as well. Goreng pisang. Rojak.

Not much variety of dishes to eat for banana leaf rice.
Taste - Nothing extra special.
Price: Bangsar Price.
Not easy to get their waiters' attention.

Banana leaf rice rating
Nirwana: ****
Devi's: ***
Raj's: **

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