Cupcake Review! 12 Cupcakes..

I came across the 12 Cupcakes this weekend. Not because I bought it, but because I got it as a present.
Never knew they existed ( They only have one outlet now in Malaysia, which is in Sunway Pyramid. It is part of an international chain, available in Singapore and Taiwan.
But of course after eating their cup cake which was sooooo divine. I had to find out more about them.

Anyway, today's review is only going to be about the Red Velvet Cupcake compared to the ones I have tasted before. 

The decoration, is very simple yet elegant. I have never literally licked out all of the cream cheese of any red velvet cupcake ever in my life. I did that for the first time. Mine was all gooey when it go home, because it melted in the car, yet I took the effort to  finish every bit of the topping.
The cupcake was delicious. It wasn't so hard or soft, it baked well. It was of the right size. Just the right amount of spices and colouring.

To those who have eaten cupcakes before, you do realise that sometimes, the colouring sticks onto your hands. The cupcake crumbles and it gets messy, simply because of the it's bigger size or the consistency of the cake.

Visit them at

I understand that they are going to start catering real soon. I am sure there will be a lot of demands for parties and weddings! Look out for this new cupcake place in town!

Taste: ****
Presentation: ****

        2ND PLACE: TONY ROMA's

( Better than Wondermilk's and Tony Roma's)

I have also posted a review of Wondermilk Cupcakes earlier. Check it out

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