Where to use you AMEX card in Malaysia (1) - Utilities/ Medical/ Insurance

Well as you know, AMEX Maybank credit cards give 5x Treat points and 5%cash rebate ( max RM50) on weekends. So, while tyring to research how to maximise my treat points, I would also like to share with you where you can use it too!
Cash rebate on weekends can't really guarantee on that. because it depends whether the transaction gets transacted the same day or the following day.

1. Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah
2. Majlis Perbandaran Batu Pahat
3. Astro Interactive Center - Midvalley
4. DiGi Centre ( You can also pay using AMEX via M2U)
5. TNB-  total limit of  RM5000 or 5 transactions per week, whichever comes first
6. Telekom- total limit of RM1000 or 2 transactions per week, whichever comes first
7. UNIFI - total limit RM1000 or 2 transactions per week, whichever comes first

Medical/ Insurance
1.Tung Shin Hospital Specialist Clinic 
2. SDMC Desa Park City (new hospital)
3. Sg Long Hospital
4. Mahkota Medical Centre
5. eTiQa Auto Insurance
6. Mototakafaul
7. Farmasi Vitacare
8. Natural Health Farm (NHF) Paradigm Mall accepts Amex provided you spend at least RM50

*insurance companies - It is safest to charge the card on Saturdays, and call them immediately  to remind them to charge the card on the same day

As you know, my list may not be updated, please add on if you know more:)


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