How Did I Lose 12 kg in 12 months

Hey guys and girls!

I'm going to share with you how I did it, without going on a crash diet or overboard. 1 kg a month seems slow, but I have managed to maintain my weight despite going back to a normal diet.
Some of us might want to lose more in a month. I believe 'slow and steady' wins the race.

1. Write it down.- Not just the amount of kilos you are planning to lose. But what you want to be able to wear- that dress at the boutique only someone who is 2 sizes smaller can fit in. Or that clutch that looks better when it is carried by a smaller you. That health risks that runs in the family that you are trying to avoid. That trip that you've been waiting for.

2.Tell everyone - I was embarassed initially that people knew that I was dieting, because generally when we Malaysians ask each other about dieting, it is not encouraging, but rather just being sarcastic. It actually helps, because those who care will keep on encouraging you.

3. Eat normally during your excursions- Nobody wants company who refuses to eat. Eat even the sinful ones, just aim to not put on weight or increase by 1 kg. After the trip, bring it down again

4. Form a group at work- There will be colleagues who also are trying to lose weight. Some who are already thin who are about to become underweight ladies, and some who just want to maintain. Do not mind their reason for wanting to lose more. Just be glad there are people who have the same aim to push all of you together.

5. Join a virtual group- I am on It is a site that discusses the member's journeys, their tips, their fall backs, healthy recipes, health and food articles, and how to exercise. Even if you don't have time to do it, just imagine how much knowledge you could gain.

6. Count your calories- Learn how to do this. Small portions does not make lesser calories. Learn about your requirements here

7. Continue shopping- When you realise your clothes are getting lose, go shop! It boosts your drive to become smaller. Imagine looking at the tag and feeling good that your dress size has dropped. Dont forget sexy lingerie!

8. Look at yourself naked in the mirror- Study the imperfections and where you want it improved. Photologs help. Some track their progress and post it on youtube.

9. Increase physical activity- Many people think that losing weight requires joining a gym or driving to the park to jog. The bottom line is spend more than you consume. Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. Park further from your office.Window shop in a bigger mall. Mop your floors thrice a week instead of once.

10. Do not go on the weighing scale or measure that hip too often. Stressing out yourself is not going to drop you kilos. You'll end up getting demotivated because what you are doing has not been helping.
Weighing scale- once a week
Measurements- once a month

Good luck! Share  with me your success stories too


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