How to Look Good When You Are Big

More Malaysian ladies now have the buying power to look good, so are there more plus size ladies around.
The thing is we are afraid to wear what the thinner counter parts wear because looking amazing while being big is not an easy task to do.

If you over do it, you'll look like an ornament, or a crazy bright tshirt lady, or u will just look more hefty than you already are. I'm not here to scrutinize, but I am here to help. This is my experience from reading, and making it work.

Fashion is for everyone, but not all kinds of fashion suits everyone.

Top 5 things to dress right

5. Accessories

Do not over accessorize. 
*Thick bangles are amazing, but if it makes your forearms look shorter because of its thickness. It is not for you.
*Huge hoop ear rings. They add glamour to the face, but if you're blessed with a round facial structure, then using longer earrings helps to lengthens the face.
*Short chunky chains. These tends to hide your neck, which is most probably already thicker and shorter compared to slimmer ladies. Stick to long chains or similar as below.

4. Tops

Accentuate the chest area. Make that the centre of attraction :).
If you have big arms, cover them with cat sleeves or 3 quarter sleeves. Preferrably a darker shade with flowy material.
If your hips are bigger, and u do not fancy them much, find flowry glamorous tops to take the eyes away from them.

3. Pants

For a more curvy figure, choose boot leg cut. For those who are more adventurous- slim fit or skinny
I wouldnt advice you to choose loosely-fit fisherman's pants as it only makes the lower half to look bigger.
No three quarter pants as it makes the legs look shorter.

2. Dresses

Always below the knee length, to hide the thighs.
If you would like to wear body hugging ones, make sure they do not show all the excess fat you have underneath.
I agree, the tighter it is the skinnier you might look, but it also means how less flattering you will look.

1. Lingerie

Always always always invest in good lingerie. I agree nobody will be able to see them, but the wonders they will do to give you good support, and to shape the body does wonders to the figures and the attire you are wearing.
Even if it is expensive, it is worth it!

Hope my tips helped!


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