Are the Multivitamins That You Are Consuming Effective. Find out the Top 3 Here!

So everybody has been into this hype if starting to live healthy. The main take home message is eat right, exercise right and live right. Part of doing it all right also includes taking vitamin pills.

But with all the choices in the market, how do you decide which is the best for you? So the table in this site gives you a list of 100 brands, and they have also left out many other brands

So this is a brief summary on the commoner brands

#4 Shaklee
#19 GNC
#40 Herbalife
#94 21st Century
#51 Atkins
#66 Nu-life

What about the top 3?

#3 Usana
#2 Douglas Laboratories
#1 Extend-life

Find it all on Hope this helps!


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