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Many of us believe in highly publicized and marketed western-manufactured cosmetic products, which are mostly designed for Caucasian skin. 20 years ago, they were the "Goddesses of Beauty", because they were the only manufacturers of well-known cosmetic products in Malaysia.

Recently, there's been a trend of cosmetic users switching from Western to Asian-based cosmetic products. The most popular ones are from Korea:

1. Skinfood
SkinFood. It has got many branches all over the world including UAE and the USA.


2. Dr Jart+
His brand of cosmetics  is available in Sephora and Sa Sa. The best selling product in its range is the BB cream that provides instant results as below.

(courtesy of http://beau-mode.blogspot.com)

I also did achieve the same effect of the BB cream on the back of my hand ( as shown in pic), when they let me try it at the factory outlet, but I did not buy it.

3. Etude House
Etude House

All these brands are far cheaper in Korea. I can assure you because I have been there and it is at least 25% cheaper at the factory outlets. I had my tour guide buying boxes of Etude House products for a girl, who has been to Korea once. She has tried the product for her severe acne, which did not resolve despite using various brands prior to that. 

* We do not sell any of this products (yet). However I've personally used the Dr Jart+'s moisturising cream and liked it alot. It was light, less oily, and had more hydrating effect.

After experiencing the changes with the Moisturizing and BB cream, I have started to have more faith in Asian products for my skin. I got a few products from Skin Food, including the Rice Mask, and the Hand Cream but haven't used any of them yet. These products can last up to 2 years if they remain sealed.

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