The Country in My Blood

Hi All,

We often talk about how we don't like the politicians, how we don't like the health care system, road traffic system, public transport system. I'm one of them too. But i found this article which was very moving. About how growing in an inter racial community helps us a lot, Of course, not just living like I'm in Malaysia, I'm Malaysian, but all my friends are of the same ethnicity as me.  This is about living in Malaysia, being Malaysian, and seeing everything as a source of knowledge.

Just like being a photographer. Everybody is a photographer right now- a person with a camera BUT what distinguishes one photographer from the other is what they choose to capture when they see things. What moments they can extract from a situation,  So it's the same for us living in a multi-racial community, It is what we make the most of the community.

Read further, and you'll understand what I mean The Country in My Blood.

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