Causes of Wrinkles

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With age, comes wisdom. Years ago, this was definitely what people looked out for. Older people. We hope for them to give the best advise in life since they have gone through so much. So when we sit in a function, other than just mingle with people our age, we would also wanna look out for this older people to give us advise on how did they become so successful. Keywords- gray hair, wrinkles, flabby skin, or botox filled face with dark coloured hair to hide that Botox if overdone looks like a mask,just like our own 'Iron lady', but if that was what it took to look youthful and presentable, many would still opt for it. So that's about people whom it's too late to prevent and slow the progression of ageing.

We have time to change and delay it. So why not? Here's a short video on what causes wrinkles. With this as an introduction, maybe a solution can be found. XOXO


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